Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Motions to Swedish Parliament 99 / Incubators

My study on incubators generated three motions to the Swedish parliament in 1999. They suggested support to a national Swedish incubator support system, referring to my study.
  • Motion to Swedish Riksdag 1999/2000 m372 BSG
    by Göran Lindblad and Per Bill (Moderaterna)
  • Party Motion to the Swedish Riksdag 1999/2000:m510 BSG
    by Bo Lundgren et al. (Moderaterna)
  • Motion to the Swedish Riksdag 1999/2000:N296 By Per Rosengren (Vänstern)

Excerpt from one of them:

The venture capital debate has been going on for a longer time in Sweden. In most cases it has been about various ways of easing taxes, such as abolishing the so called double taxation. But we have lacked a strategy for securing the development of modern technology and benefiting from the knowledge within groups that have not caught been focused on by the debate. (snip)

The researcher David Nordfors has together with Orren Shalit described the Israeli Technological Incubator model. (snip)

The Riksdag should suggest the government to introduce a support mechanism for new high-tech companies according to the Israeli model.

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